Lately, many people have become aware of the benefits of having a forskolinsupplement for weight loss.

Is it an effective aid in burning fat and does it help increase the amount of pure muscle you can train?

With forskolin for more muscle mass?

Can you get more muscle mass with Forskolin?

There have even been some studies that confirm the claim that it can increase the production of testosterone . The increasing popularity of forskolin due to these alleged benefits has not only led to a price increase, but also to a flood of poor quality food supplements on the market.

What is “forskolin” anyway?

Forskolin is a white-yellowish powder, which is obtained from the Indian Coleus plant, Coleus forskohlii.

It belongs to the group of diterpenes and inhibits the accumulation of platelets while increasing the positive intropen muscle behavior.

This combined effect means that forskolin can potentially significantly reduce high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disorders.

Forskolin also increases the cyclic AMP (cyclic adrenosine monophosphate) level in most cells and tissues. cAMP is a breakdown product of ATP, the molecule that is responsible for all metabolic processes in the body, so its main function is that of an intracellular signaling device.

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cAMP is considered a secondary action in the chain of hormonal communication. By binding to certain protein kinases, cAMP modulates the effects of adrenaline and glucagon.

That sounds nice and good, especially for people who want to lose weight and gain muscle mass. Unfortunately, a link could be made between the stimulation of cAMP and the development of ADHD. Another scary compound was made between an elevated level of cAMP and the growth of cancer cells.

CAMP stimulation is not the only disadvantage of supplementation with forskolin. Other harmful side effects of forskolin include:

Increasing the liver enzyme CYP2C – The potential increase in hepatic (liver) function may be dangerous for those taking high blood pressure medication. Due to an increase in liver enzymes, forskolin has reduced the anticoagulant effects of warfarin. So, if a person wants to take forskolin to reduce their blood pressure, they should first consult a doctor.


Possibility of liver damage – Concentrated forskolin may cause liver toxicity, which is a chemically induced liver damage. The mechanism that the liver uses for waste disposal is called the liver enzyme cascade. Forskolin can interfere with this enzymatic function, possibly leading to severe liver damage.

Forskolin to increase the testosterone level

Although the side effects of forskolin supplementation may sound intimidatingly dangerous, there are a few benefits to using this medicine.

    With Forskolin fast to more muscle and less fat

With Forskolin fast to more muscle and less fat

  • A recent study showed a beneficial change in testosterone production in people taking forskolin . Increased testosterone levels are reflected in gaining muscle mass, resulting in a more desirable body composition.

  • Due to the increased testosterone production forskolin has shown a positive influence on male fertility. Leidig cells, a cell group found in the spermatic ducts, are associated with proper sexual development and the viability of spermatozoa. Forskolin specifically stimulates testosterone production in these cells, which can lead to a decreased risk of male sexual dysfunction.

  • Forskolin can be an effective, contemporary treatment for the visible reduction of cellulite . An experimental cream containing a variety of other chemicals has reduced cellulite by improving skin tones, but the results achieved by forskolin have not been measured independently of the other ingredients.

  • Glaucoma (“green star”) is an eye disease characterized by increased intraocular pressure. It appears that forskolin, when administered in conjunction with various flavonoids and vitamins, resulted in a reduction in intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients.

  • In a somewhat special case, forskolin has been shown to reduce leukemia cells under certain conditions . No formal studies have been performed to empirically demonstrate this effect, as it is believed that forskolin can lead to an increase in cancer cells.

Weigh the pros and cons of forskolin

The initial results support the theory that forskolin has incredible value as a fat burning adjunct

Increase testosterone levels with Forskolin and get more muscle

With Forskolin you increase the testosterone level and get bigger muscles and more energy

Has hormone production and the improvement of metabolism. However, it can also cause liver damage and / or stimulate cell growth of malignant cancer cells.

Considering the potential biological damage that Forskolin can cause, consumers should approach it with some caution.

First try a small dose of forskolin . In order to take further precautions, a preliminary examination for adverse immune or liver reactions is recommended as well as an investigation for any effects on testosterone production.