Lyle Alzado – the gladiator of the football

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The former NFL defender Lyle Alzado died in 1992; he had brain cancer. In this terrible illness, the sportsman blamed on his continued use of anabolic steroids.

Before he passed away, he admitted that he started to use anabolics since 1969 and he never stopped. It fascinated him and attracted the sportsman psychologically. Lyle felt scared of being sick; he said that 90% of athletes whom he knows well, use anabolics too.

Steroids led Lyle Alzado to the National Football League. At school, he wasn’t an active player but Alzado started his experiments with steroids in the college. Since that time, he never stopped, and made a great career in the NFL.

Alzado died in 1992, after seven years of regular performances of his team. He had a rare form of brain cancer – lymphoma. It is hard to say if there is a connection between lymphoma and steroids but he was sure some drugs can cause cancer. Alzado is a symbol of the danger of excessive use of anabolics in professional sports.

Lyle spent more than $30,000 per year on anabolics. Cindy (his wife) said he had constant mood changes because of steroids. She stated that during the marriage, she had to call the police more than 5 times because of strong beatings.

Alzado confirmed that sometimes anabolics drove him mad and he could not cope with his anger. He told the story about some guy in Denver who said something to the sportsman. After that, Lyle chased the man around the neighborhood to take a revenge.”

In the 1990s, Lyle had his last season where he injured the knee: a sportsman played only the one game, then he was eliminated. At his own wedding, in March 1991, he could no longer walk without support, and the next month doctors diagnosed brain cancer.

“It doesn’t worth to take anabolic steroids. If you take it, stop. I should have stopped myself.”

Alzado died in May 1992 after he had a chemotherapy. He got a pneumonia due to brain cancer.