Winstrol – an injectable, anabolic stanozole with very remarkable properties.



In some predefined situations, Winstrol offers immense benefits , although it is not commonly used as the cornerstone of an anabolic steroid cycle and is not required for most cycles.


Winstrol and the risks of liver toxicity

Unlike other injectable steroids, Winstrol is alpha-17-alkylated, which is more likely to apply to steroids taken orally.

As a result, this property leads to liver toxicity , which seems to be stronger than other steroids in relation to the weight gained by Winstrol.

Therefore, the amount used and the duration of the application should be limited. Preference is often given here an injection of 50 mg per day, with a 6-8 week application time.


 There are also natural alternatives to Winstrol like Winsol, which mimics the effects of Winstrol and is 100% legal.

The advantages of the product Winstrol

Having described the risks of the product, we now come to the already mentioned interesting benefits of the steroid.

As a rule, people use Winstrol, which wants to quickly increase in speed and power, without building mass .

Another typical application is an optimization of body development in which the body is to be steered without resorting to trenbolone. In addition to these applications, Winstrol can do much more.

During the body rebuilding cycle, Winstrol with 500 mg testosterone / week offers immense benefits during mass build-up. At the same time the fat burning is increased , but the estrogen level is not increased.



No classic half-life at Winstrol

Winstrol is subject to unusual pharmacokinetics because it is not an oily mixture of esterified compounds but fine particles of the stereoid in an aqueous substance.

Thus, Winstrol is not subject to the classic half-life, but continuously degrades over time.

The effect probably lasts at least a week , with isolated particles at the injection site can also remain longer detectable, resulting in a positive test for doping agents.



Winstrol – effect on tendons and joints

During the steroid cycle, taking Winstrol in a few cases can cause joint pain. It is also suspected that the use of the steroid increases the brittleness of the tendons .

Rather than sacrificing the remedy in its entirety, the use of Winstrol may still be defensible if the time and amount of use is limited to allow the body enough time to regenerate.


Winstrol and its effect on women

Winstrol, whether taken orally, or injected, is probably the least suitable product for anabolic steroids among women.

Even the smallest amounts (2 mg / day) can lead to virilizing by-effects, although some women tolerate higher doses in practice.

At this low dosage, Winstrol also offers no advantages over other steroids. Ingested, Winstrol stays in the body for longer than when taken orally, making it even more unsuitable for women .


The side effects of the steroid Winstrol

Although stanozole is neither aromatized nor metabolized by the enzyme 5-alpha and thus is not converted to estrogen, nor to DHT, it can lead to androgen-induced hair loss .

Provided the user has the genetic predisposition to this process.


Instratable Steroid Winstrol – a resume

In summary, Winstrol is a special anabolic steroid, which normally does not need to be integrated into a steroid cycle either for optimized bodybuilding or for enhancing athletic performance.

Although it can lead to mass gains, it is more often used during the definition phase for better muscle hardness . Likewise, it is used for an increase in speed and muscle power when mass gain is not essential.

Some web sites (mostly illegal) also offer the purchase of Winstrol online. The prices are quite high. You should avoid these web pages. In a pharmacy (in Germany, Switzerland or Austria) Winstrol is also not available.

Unlike other injectable steroids, there are certain side effects when you inject Winstrol . Possible pain in the joints, increased fragility of the tendons and liver toxicity are the most significant side effects of Winstrol.

There are also natural alternatives to Winstrol like Winsol, which mimics the effects of Winstrol and is 100% legal.